Qu'est-ce Que J D?
Get Involved!

Maybe you already have all the albums, t-shirts, and collaborations.  Maybe you’ve already pre-ordered the long-delayed Humble & Brilliant LP on vinyl, traveled vast distances to see Jesse perform, or made out with him behind the merch table while the headliner went on.

And this leaves you wondering: is… is that it?  Have I exhausted all the ways there are to get involved with Jesse Dangerously?

You are not exhausted yet.  Here are some ideas.

  • Tell All of Your Friends About Jesse
    Not just how great of a kisser he is, but post links to buy his albums from CDbaby; embed his songs from Bandcamp and Myspace and Last.FM; post his videos on everyone’s Facebook walls and tag your friends in them if you think they’ll like them.  Scrawl his lyrics in your binder, get a tattoo of his signature, photoshop his beard onto your dad.
  • Upload and Download Jesse’s Music Everywhere
    It is great to legitimately buy actual, physical, tangible MP3s from iTunes and Amazon and Bandcamp, and it means the world when you stock your shelves with Jesse’s CDs, vinyls, cassette tapes and chapbooks.  That being said, it’s all about hearing the music.  There is no radio anymore, the only tastemaker is YOU.  Please push this music on your friends and enemies.  I hope someday you’ll throw me a few bucks to survive and make more music with, but until then what I am concerned with is everyone loving me until they cry.  Oops I switched into first person and this just lost all legitimacy as promotional writing.  Fuck.
  • Street Team
    Promoters have a lot on their plates in this crazy world.  If you hear that world famous Jesse D is coming to your town, please don’t do either of the following things: (a) presume it’s going to be a sold-out madhouse; (b) try to make sure no-one hears about it so you can have him all to yourself.  Jesse Dangerously is a god damn human kissing booth and there is plenty for everyone.  If you want to help make him the happiest and most able to continue making art for a long time, go ahead and drop a line to dangerously@gmail.com and ask if there’s anything you can do to help - it might be postering, flyering, pestering, flying, or just any kind of communication with people who love art that is amazing and/or fat feminist nerdy beard mans who rap the best.  We will think of something.
  • Give Jesse D Some Hot Tips
    Do you know a venue in your city that would be perfect for Jesse?  Like ideally it feels pretty full when 150 people are in it, and the general vibe isn’t hostile to women or queers or POC, and there is something sturdy near the stage that Jesse can climb up and jump off of with no shirt on?  Or maybe do you know some people in your town who would love to perform in or just promote the hell out of a hip-hop performance that caters to nerds, varied gender identities, and heads who love real raw rap?  This is very important information for Jesse to have.  Load him up at dangerously@gmail.com
  • Do Something Really Crazy
    Get ten of your friends to order Humble & Brilliant the book through you and send Jesse a hundred bucks. Record a YouTube cover of one of his songs but replace everything he says about how cool he is or what terrible mistakes he’s made in love with YOUR name.  Set up a nice mic in your drum room and bang out a few bars and send it to him to chop up.  I mean listen, I’M STANDING RIGHT HERE.  You can do anything.

Do it to me.

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