Qu'est-ce Que J D?

Today, Adam Warrock and Mikal kHill released their joint rapper/producer (in that order) mixtape, The Browncoats Mixtape.  It’s based on one of my favourite TV shows of all ever, Joss Whedon’s space western Firefly, so I was going to be excited on the day that it dropped anyway, but the thing that really gets my pulse racing is when an album has talented people behind it, a great coherent theme (or not), beats that thump and well… perhaps most of all…


I appear for a verse on the track based on my favourite episode of the show, the one that never fails to make me cry like a kid being made to get into or out of the bath: “Out Of Gas.”

I was so lucky to be invited!  I mean, I was lucky they barely objected when I all but stormed the song with guns blazing.  I was living in an abandoned spaceship myself at the time, and the rest of the crew had made it in their escape pod to a safer place and I was just kind of freezing to death and watching the oxygen dip low low low.

I wrote from the perspective of the crew in the show (oh that did it… that one sentence just all at once made me realize I have participated in fan fiction. oh god dammit.), and to really harp on the theme of the episode, I put the affection and concern felt between them in that crisis at the forefront because it was what I needed in my drifting pod, too.

It may sound weird, but for the very end I knew another reference I wanted to pull into the mix because it gave me just the right feeling when I would hum it to myself - the hook from Lil Kim’s “I Came Back For You!”

I was kind of huddled in that nav room from the show, just really hoping someone would come back for me.

And I didn’t die out in space, so I guess someone did.

Caught unprepared,
We left reluctantly; scared, everything up in the air.
We were stuck if she wasn’t repaired.
The one thing we spared was sentiment we hadn’t time for,
Air was thick with sediment, and evidence to bat an eye for.
As the temperature dropped therein, tempers just stopped flaring.
Warmth became immeasurable, it was never less cool to be not caring.
Always shook off any trouble with a crew like yours,
Til we took of in the shuttles… two by four.
Ooh, my lord! Swing low, sweet miracle,
No doctor, no mechanic, no shepherd with parables
No mercenary, no pilot, no lieutenant, no dependent child,
No companion… you were abandoned.
But Captain, you commanded every trick that there was.
Stirred part of her heart. Left it slick with your blood.
Fixed it with love, and you would do the same for us,
So here we are, and here we’ll still be when you wake up.

We came back for you!
The cargo bay of our spaceship vacant of all hard cases!
We came back for you!
All our fam on every world, all we got is our word.
We came back for you!
Sorry you were waiting on us; so glad you weren’t taken from us!
We came back for you!
Flying chrome, the sky is home - you don’t have to die alone. 

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