Qu'est-ce Que J D?
If we think of “queer” at its very basic level of understanding, it means “non-normative”. Through this lens, we can see fat bodies as “queer” because they are non-normative, in the sense that it is not what society tells us we should be like nor what we should desire.

The writer is unidentified, but it’s just a university student’s blog for film class.  I’m not quoting this because it has great authority, but I just googled “fat bodies queer” to reassure myself that I’m not coming completely out of the blue with this stuff, and the first result I had actually reads like a contribution to the discussion I was just having.  Weird, eh?

I want to add some useful, insightful things about the gender nonconformity of fat bodies; how idealized sex/gender representations are very focused on bodies with very little, and very specifically, deposited fat, and how it does deviate from norms of gender representation to accept a fat body as legitimately sexualized.

But I can’t, because I haven’t been to university.  I’ve just rapped and argued on the internet since I was old enough to spell my name.  Great work, Jesse.  Way to make your mark.

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  10. gustave-flowbert said: As a queer person, I don’t see a problem with opening a discussion about sexuality, gender, and other body issues. Especially since we’ve only SO recently taken the word back, why not open it and offer it to others who want in?
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