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Photo of me knitting

At this point, I easily consume hundreds of inspiring/interesting images per hour when I’m online. I bookmark, like, heart, or pin maybe ten or so of those. I plan to actually make or try one or two of those things. But even at that rate, I can’t make two sweaters in one day. I don’t have time to bake fancy cakes when I am working double shifts. The difference between the time it takes to actually make cool stuff and the time it takes to find cool stuff online is just staggering.

This post is a gentle reminder to myself to think about the process of creation involved in the media I consume. I scroll past so many things in a few seconds that would have taken days or months to make. I think that remembering this is one way to be respectful of the bloggers/designers/artists/crafters whose work I take time to follow (at the expense of my own creative process!).

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this is pretty much what i’ve been thinking about non-stop for the past month. iris is the best.

This is worth applying to music, as well.  We are just inundated in a flood of new music at all times, and it’s only a little bit easier to make it than it ever used to be.  It is a lot easier to be swept away by a seemingly infinite amount of it.  I hate to allow it to be devalued according to old models of supply and demand.

"Slow down," says Dr Peter Venkman in the renovated fire hall, "Chew your food."

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