Qu'est-ce Que J D?
Less hate. Less shame.

I need to disengage from the type of fat activism that seems endemic to Tumblr (and probably other blogging communities), where people who identify as legitimately fat just scream and scream at people they deem to be less fat, or less legitimately fat.

I really need to find a place where I can be part of a movement to be good to everyone at every size and without a lack of regard for how fat bodies are hated on in particular, but where I am also able to pretend people who I would like to count as allies aren’t constantly, viciously out to make people of other body types feel as worthless and despicable as the mainstream would like me and us to feel.

My solution to fat hate and body shaming does not include more hate and shaming.

I am unfollowing a GRIP of motherfuckers.  I used to have to only do that for fat-PHOBIC content.  (Or well I mean lots of *.phobic content but you know, BAD GUYS.)

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