Qu'est-ce Que J D?
we invented the remix

Today the homie Jeff Ngan (of Equivocality.com, and the master lensman who took the famous no-shirt boombox photo of me, and also my go-to uke player for gentle/acoustic live shows) came over and we recorded his uke solo for the single I’m dropping any minute now.  I also coaxed him into singing a couple of harmonies where they were needed, and he helped me write a better glockenspiel part to replace the disaster I had in there before.

While he was hanging out, my alter ego Bad DJ Budget Cuts put down the last set of scratches - now the complete set of cuts features Petey Pablo, Wu-Tang Clan (Inspector Deck), Sage Francis, Sebutones (Buck 65), Geto Boys, Biggie, and now Kanye West.  Plus a Psychiatric Consultations record from the ’50s about anxiety.

My roadtrippin’ sister Rosie dropped in while I still had the session open, and I surprised us all by asking her to also sing a few layers on the hook, bringing us up to a total of seven known collaborators on this song!  And it sounds so good, oh gosh, and it’s not even mixed yet.

Come to think of it, mixing will bring it up to eight!  Eight collaborators!  Ah ah ahhh.

I’m going to hit the basement for a few minutes before I sleep tonight, and make sure that the backups on my verse are perfect.  PERFECT.  And then I’m shipping it off to my surprised engineer and hopefully you will hear the majesty very soon.

Edit: To my surprise, I managed to squeeze one last scratchin’ section in - now Ottawa rapper Atherton is represented in the cuts, too!

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