Qu'est-ce Que J D?
Are the lyrics to that second song you did in the Pretty Wolf thing posted anywhere? I really like the sound of the piece, but I can't discern a single damn word you're saying~!

It’s the first verse from a track I wrote in 2004 called “Party Politics,” for an album called My So-Called Solo Album, which has never been finished or released but has all my best songs on it.  OOPS.

The original beat was made by a Halifax producer who was going by Septer Polanski at the time… hip-hop wasn’t his main thing, but he made me this really vicious dancehall-infused joint that I still love, and one day you’ll still hear.  But the problem for you and me is that he lost the session files for that beat many years ago, and so it’s never going to be quite mixed perfectly.  So perfection will forever elude us to some extent.

I’ve been performing it live at almost every show since I wrote it, except in markets where I think they’ve heard me enough times to be sick of it.  I usually do it over the beat for “Only U” by Ashanti because that beat is A MONSTER, and sometimes I do it a capella if I want to really turn heads with outlandish speed, but I don’t do it over the original beat very often.

I still plan to release it one day, I just need to sort out a middle section that has eluded me for a long time.  Also I totally forget the second verse, and I’m not sure I even finished writing it.  I’ll go check on that, but first here’s the lyrics you’re looking for!

I blow flows, the darts is venemous, and it’s all about the party like a Marxist-Leninist.  My personal’s political and vice versa, it’s difficult to like certain individuals who are shysters and cynical.  I prefer a clinical approach that’s analytical, and a little philanthropy.  Give it a candidly liberal critical panning and a pitiful standing in digital press, then answer my quizzical questions nevertheless when I’m in your direction.

But keep your mystical blessings.  They’re cheap, Mister Professionalism!  I guess I’m a prisoner left to his rhythm, and best of all, hidden in decimal systems where animal magnetism battles antagonism and radical activism has a delayed reaction to racial tensions.

I hate to mention money, but divvying up the dividends, I slipped an additional stipend into my coffers ‘cause I deserve it - refer to my riveting, uninhibited delivery as evidence of my magnificence.  I’m not at liberty to divulge my activities!  If you’re repulsed by proclivities or censorious of tendencies, you can roll your eyes if you like, but don’t try to bowdlerize them!

And don’t be so surprised when you see Nova Scotia rising over the ocean, up in the skies and towed with the rope that I doggedly tied to my awkward, dodgy, mongrel doggerel rock with all the raw materials for longevity and dominance.  I’m an indomitable, ominous presence long thought unintelligible - turns out, you were just unintelligent!  Such an inelegant specimen, burnt out in a rush to the filament.

The hustle ain’t my regimen.  I’m subtle with experiments and troubled by experience where humbleness was arrogance.

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