Qu'est-ce Que J D?
Excerpted & edited dialogue from "White Mice" by Darren O'Donnell
Robert: I'm home.
Douglas: Good, you're home. Well, come on in, you do pay half the rent after all.
Robert: I just learned something very interesting today.
Douglas: Oh boy.
Robert: I'm picturing the maple leaf.
Douglas: Which one? The red one on the flag, the blue one on the hockey jersey, or the green one that I just smoked -
Robert: The flag.
Douglas: The red one. I prefer the -
Robert: I'm picturing it.
Douglas: You've mentioned. How's it going?
Robert: Badly.
Douglas: Is it too pointy for you?
Robert: You know that kind of creepy, you know, kind of weird, uncomfortable kind of nausea, kind of dread, kind of repulsed, kind of foreboding kind of feeling you get when you look at a swastika?
Douglas: I'm familiar with the feeling.
Robert: It's like that feeling.
Douglas: You're getting that feeling from an innocent maple leaf, a beautiful symbol of this wonderful country of ours?
Robert: Ours?
Douglas: Sure Canada has some totalitarian tendencies but really, the swastika, oh Robert, you are so dramatic.
Robert: Are you prepared to hear a quote?
Douglas: I think I can handle a quote.
Robert: Are you sure?
Douglas: Robert, it's a quote. Either I'll agree or I'll disagree, it's no big deal.
Robert: "Neither Spain nor Britain should be models of German expansion but the Nordics of North America who ruthlessly pushed aside an inferior race to win for themselves soil and territory for the future." - Adolf Hitler.
Douglas: Well that sounds like some crazy fuckin thing Hitler would say and I decidedly don't agree. Pushing aside an entire continent of people to establish a solid land base upon which to develop a country is a fuckin shitty thing to do and I'm pleased that he wasn't able to accomplish said task.
Robert: Unlike North Americans.
Douglas: Unlike North Americans. Unlike North Americans?!
Robert: Hitler...
Douglas: What, him again?
Robert: ...based his program to exterminate the Jews, the Roma, the Poles, gays, lesbians, and psychiatric patients on what had already occurred here in...
Douglas: Not..!
Robert: ...Canada. That was his genocidal plan, the plan that had first occurred here.
Douglas: No, no, no, no! It was different, it was different. The Native Peoples were nomadic, they didn't actually view themselves as owning the land just...
Robert: Based their entire existence on it?
Douglas: They were nomadic and just got moved around a little.
Robert: The First Nations lived in natural bioregional configurations with most of their economics based on agriculture.
Douglas: They weren't nomadic?
Robert: Sorry.
Douglas: But there were so few, it wasn't like rounding up six million -
Robert: No, it was more like rounding up 100 million.
Douglas: What the?!
Robert: 100 million.
Douglas: 100 million?!
Robert: 100 million Indigenous persons have been genocided since the European invasion of the Americas.
Douglas: I know what was done was terrible, terrible, despicable, criminal, genocidal, genocidal, genocidal but it is so over, it happened so long ago!!
Robert: The motivation for the extermination of First Nations-
Douglas: The theft of land and resources?
Robert: Exists as much today as it did 50 years ago, 100 years ago and 500 years ago. And the genocide continues.
Douglas: The genocide continues? Well I don't think-
Robert: The theft continues, the coercion continues, and the murder continues.
Douglas: Murder is illegal!!
Robert: According to Amnesty International...
Douglas: Uh-huh?
Robert: ...Ontario’s Mike Harris government extrajudicially executed-
Douglas: Executed?!
Robert: Executed.
Douglas: Amnesty International said that the Harris government executed someone?
Robert: Dudley George, a First Nations community leader and activist. He was singled out and told by the Provincial Police he was going to die and that night-
Douglas: He did, they shot him!
Robert: This directive coming from the office of Premier Mike Harris.
Douglas: And Amnesty International...
Robert: Along with a whole lot of other people...
Douglas: ...has identified it as an execution?
Robert: A political assassination.
Douglas: Thus continuing a five hundred year old tradition...
Robert: ...upon which the most famous human rights violator in recent history...
Douglas: ...Adolf Hitler...
Robert: ...based his genocidal program.
Douglas: So the maple leaf may be relegated to the dustbin of history as just another symbol of fascist horror.
Robert: The only reason it hasn't yet is because the horror.
Douglas: Continues.
Robert: To advance.
Douglas: I need to take a shower.
: (the original play replaces humans with mice and "Canada" with a similar nonsense word in what I think was an attempt to draw in an audience who might otherwise have been resistant to hearing a condemnation of whiteness, but who could benefit the most from it. My great friend Ryan Hughes did a great job of directing this play at the Edmonton, Alberta, fringe festival in 2008, and used some of my music to score it. This scene told me things I knew in language I couldn't push to the back of my mind, and changed my life.)
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