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Treat Yourself!

I’m sorry that I’m not too cool to be SUPER PSYCHED that I just served Aziz Ansari and got his order wrong and he was cool about it and he was cool when his US debit card was too exotic to be recognized by our Canadian technology.

I didn’t know he was in town and I’ve never seen him in person so I played it cool in part so as to not bother him, and in part because if he was just some guy who looked a lot like Aziz Ansari and had the same haircut and wore sunglasses everywhere he goes he wouldn’t appreciate my error.

But he IS in town, playing a show a few blocks from here, and I feel like I was just in the “Otis” video a tiny bit.

Okay I shouldn’t write this from at work. LATER.

  1. lyngay said: I haaaaated dealing with his manager last year. But if you say cool, I guess I’ll assume that HE is cool and it was just his manager who was an asshole…
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  3. hottiesinanimalears said: I love this all so much. Thanks for calling me! What an exciting bit of awesome!
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