Qu'est-ce Que J D?
“When I know that I have an audience that really is my core audience I’ll add a line [to a certain joke]: So that answers the question: ‘Hari Kondabolu can you write a feminist dick joke?’ Yes. ‘But Hari Kondabolu can you write a joke that doesn’t essentialize gender?’ I’m working on it,” he says. When I can use that line in front of a real, true crowd who gets what I’m doing, and at least if they don’t are willing to try and listen, is great, but in a mainstream club setting, that joke is too ‘inside;’ it shouldn’t be but it is. When you push things forward in mainstream settings you need to find ways to slip things in otherwise it goes right over [their heads] so it’s tricky because I try to do both, but when I’m in my setting, with my audience, this is how I push.”
Hari Kondabolu photo from The StrangerHari Kondabolu, in an interview with(?) Racialicious contributor Caitlin M. Boston, comprising part of her excellent article “Race + Comedy: Hari Kondabolu Balances His Conscience With His Craft.”
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