Qu'est-ce Que J D?

Oh shit Ms Melodie from BDP died.

I learned her name when Fresh Prince mentioned her in “You Got It (Donut)” (I think it was?), saying “Like Ms Melodie said, ‘I ain’t buyin’ it!’”

I think that means I knew her name before I knew KRS’s, to whom she was married for a while later.

I never heard her tracks played very often, but some of them were dope in their late-80s hardcore hip-hop way.

I guess all I really want to say is it sucks when a person dies.

  1. lyngay said: That does suck! And they play BDP pretty often on that Backspin satellite radio station I listen to. :)
  2. chasingdunamis said: Damn…
  3. jsmooth995 said: PRetty sure KRS and Melodie were already married when that Fresh Prince record came out? Will was quoting her appearance with KRS on “Jack of Spades” from the year before.. but regardless, sad news!
  4. bloodycowards said: :(
  5. rljd posted this
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