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White Knight



It’s been a minute since I’ve been as taken aback by a film’s values as I am by the new Batman.

I just don’t feel about cops, criminals, white people, parole, violence, “organized crime,” euphemisms, national anthems, the supposed bourgeoisie or the purported proletariat the way you’re supposed to for that exercise in paranoia to work.

Three hours of brutal, humorless fear.

It did not make me feel good.

That awkwardness was why I liked it.  I thought Hathaway’s character was the hero of the film, and acted as a stern criticism of those aspects of the Bat-mythos

But she was barely in it and had no subjective qualities.  She didn’t have any individuated motivation for anything except a vague wish to start over, and a giant sign over her head reading JUST WAIT FOR MY HAN SOLO MOMENT.  I don’t know where to read the stern criticism from her role in the film.

I mean her very presence illuminated the hypermasculinism of the whole enterprise, but mainly by failing to provide contrast.  If being exemplary of a problem functions as criticism, then okay, but she still didn’t do anything to be like “WAIT… cops and prisons are actually pretty TERRIBLE, what gives!??”

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    I could see where I left room for confusion. I didn’t fully articulate what I meant by that. What I was trying to say...
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    That’s cool! I appreciate all of those things. I agree with some parts of your response and see others differently (I...
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    I have never been as attracted to Isaac as I am right now.
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    Hahahaha welp your last comment just completely demolishes your own argument. I mean, hey, first off, I don’t know what...
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    #spoilers I think she was in it about as much as Batman himself was in it. It is implied she came up from nothing and...
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    Yeah, I actually got kind of an opposite vibe from Catwoman. Like she starts out all “Batman doesn’t care about poor...
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    What @MercurialBlonde said. Selina Kyle saves the day, here.
  8. navajomoose said: Its interesting that the villains in Batman movies always criticize the “corruption” which batman of all people could probably fix, but between movies it’s kind of implied he spent the whole time beating up muggers.
  9. dahelm said: ay this hurts… I shall not comment (even though I just did).
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    Right? It felt like a heavy-handed propaganda piece. I laughed at it’s absurd depiction of police (especially the...
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    this is essentially why i have zero interest in seeing italso, batman is just another example of rich scum shitting on...
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