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the whole concept of paying rent is disgusting

you have to pay to not have to sleep in the streets

what the fuck is that even about

why does that even happen

are humans so fucking incapable of empathy and selflessness that they can’t see the problem with that? how the FUCK do people sleep at night

I feel like this perspective imagines that buildings build and maintain themselves. like you wanna not pay rent, don’t live someplace that another person takes responsibility for.

in principle, money is a way to collectivize effort and resources so that people who like out are good at doing some things but not others are able to benefit from the things that other people do by a means of exchange, but without having to directly barter with someone else in case that other person doesn’t need or want the thing the first person does.

there’s nothing intrinsically greedy or even capitalist about that.

rent makes sense of the type of thing you want or are able to occupy your day with isn’t the type of thing that makes a roof appear over your head.

that doesn’t mean landlords don’t gouge, our that people who can’t support themselves should be turned out of shelter.

but come on, it’s hard to call the concept of rent unfair per se.

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    Well it’s easy when my rent’s all paid up.
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    I’m sorry, but I find this incredibly ignorant. Lots of people who end up on the streets are either strung out on drugs,...
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    You wanna be even more disgusted? There are more vacant homes in America than there are homeless.
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    It’s called public housing………………………………….
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