Qu'est-ce Que J D?

JRemix 100% created this afternoon; inspired by the INUNDATION of Pumpkin Spice everything, now available everywhere!

Pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin spice coffee
Pumpkin spice donut yeah the pumpkin spice got me
Nothing like pumpkin spice, your mother might have made those
Pumpkin spice glazed ham, pumpkin spice potatoes
Pumpkin spice stays HAM, we all cakin now we got it
Pumpkin spice cologne on my throat and pumpkin shower product
Pumpkin spice narcotic on the corner, pumpkin spice pot
Orange lights and siren, that’s a pumpkin spice cop
On the pumpkin spice block, pumping Smashing Pumpkin tapes
Pumpkin spice bootlegs, smash your pumpkin’s fuckin’ legs
Whatsisname? Doesn’t say - pumpkin spice on foreign foods
Pumpkin eggs benedict, pumpkin spice orange juice
Turn off the boring news, what’s this guy in line for?
Midnight sale at Apple Store (PUMPKIN SPICE iPHONE)
Hate it then you love it, that’s the pumpkin spice romcom
Naked in the pumpkin patch, pumpkin spice condom

Shorty let me tell you bout my only vice
Got to do with lots of pumpkins and it’s called pumpkin spice (okay)

Summers over, winter’s coming, Autumn brings its cargo
Pumpkins on everything, like I finished Star Road
Pumpkins by the carload, trunk of my Impala
All-seeing eye on the pumpkin spice dollar!
Got a pop a lotta bottles of that pumpkin spice chardonnay
Saw a lot of models in that pumpkin spice lingerie
Pumpkin spice tanqeray, the new orange Gatorade
pumpkin spice is here to say (NO MATTER WHAT THE HATERS SAY)
Pumpkin spice the flavour they can’t use and have it not sell
Pumpkin spice conspiracies - pumpkin spice on Roswell
Pumpkin spice is hot as hell, even as thermometers drop
it’s like a scarecrow - you know what belong at the top!

You want me to stop?

Get that economy popping, you wanna be shopping for quantity; stock your
Pumpkin product larder from the malls to mom and pop stores
Pistol grip pumpkin for the wars, I hope you’ve got yours

Shorty let me tell you bout my only vice
Got to do with lots of pumpkins and it’s called pumpkin spice (okay)

On the stand under lights, something like a goner
I know my fuckin’ rights - I’m pleading pumpkin spice, your honour x 2 

… might have heard it once or twice
… should have took your mom’s advice
… bumping Kimya Dawson’s Thunder Thighs
… AOL keyword: Pumpkin Spice!!

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    Ummm, my boyfriend is the coolest. Happy Autumn, everyone!
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    literally perfect
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