Qu'est-ce Que J D?
[me & kHill are talking about our respective mixed feelings on Ralph Bakshi because my lily-white handwringing over Django Unchained reminded him of the Bakshi film Coon Skin]
kHill: and i've seen frtiz the cat, and mehhhhh (though I am a fan of crumb, of sorts)
kHill: and cool world, i remember hating when i was like 13
kHill: but that doesn't seem likea reasonable way to form an opinion on it
kHill: though from what i recall, 13 seems like hte target audience for Cool World.
Jesse: I haven't seen Fritz. I remember being disappointed at roughly 13 that cool world wasn't packed with explicit cartoon sex. I FELT PROMISED IT WOULD BE.
kHill: hahaa
kHill: Yeah
Jesse: like uhhhh you know what would make this world A LOT COOLER
kHill: Yeah it seemed liek it would e something more intersting than a less interesting take on Roger Rabbit.
kHill: did you ever read teh book that Roger Rabbit was based on?
kHill: "Who Censored Roger Rabbit?"
Jesse: No but when I was a kid and read the credits I thought it was "Who [Censored] Roger Rabbit?" and assumed the redacted word was "Fucked" and thought it must be packed with explicit cartoon sex. I'm not admitting to an obsession.
  1. navajomoose said: i hate ralph bakshi but lola bunny is fine as hell js
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