Qu'est-ce Que J D?

(TW within the link - none-too-savvy, all-too-cavalier reference to sexual assault)

I don’t think Cosmopolitan Magazine grew up to be a thing that is good, but this magnificently compassionate profile article that Nora Ephron wrote about legendary Editor-In-Chief Helen Gurley Brown makes me feel that if only a few things had transpired differently in history, perhaps it could have been.

I’ve been haunted by this article for years, and I almost forgot it was Ms Ephron who penned it, but when I tried to think of examples of the articles she’d written that really spoke to me, this one came back like a shot.

The final paragraph is so relentlessly concerned, caring and compassionate in the space of only maybe 200 words that I pretty much wind up gasping with sobs.

For reasons like that one, I certainly list Ms Ephron among the writers I admire most.