Qu'est-ce Que J D?

just a rough draft yung Dunamis how does this grab u

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just a rough draft yung Dunamis how does this grab u

Pour out a little liquor for every time some Girl Talk jocking dipshit writes a history of “The Mash Up” without mentioning a single og hip hop blend DJ.

Andrew “Noz” Nosnitsky, of hip-hop blog CocaineBlunts.com, in a devastatingly on-point footnote to his review of Nas’s Life Is Good.

The only thing that could be made clearer in that criticism of Girl Talk jocking dipshits is that the OG hip-hop blend DJs as a group are way less overwhelmingly WHITE than celebrated mash uppers.


Here we go!!!

Loco-Motive feat. Large Professor (Produced by No I.D.) -  #LOCOMOTIVE

I am that “trapped in the 90s” crowd he’s aiming for here, and it works!

But he’s been touting this jammy for ages as “featuring Large Professor,” and while No ID laced the track you know we were expecting production or a VERSE from the god, not a couple of unrehearsed shout-outs where the hook would go.

Like we wanted a feature like THIS:


Here it goes!! “LIFE IS GOOD” Album Cover!!

Well that’s in pretty poor taste, my dude.


Here it is!! “DAUGHTERS” World Premiere!!

I don’t know, maybe I overreacted with anti-patriarchal grumpiness when this song was first dropped… I feel kind of split on it, I guess.  I think that it’s a lot more honest than “I Know I Can,” and there’s an extent to which maybe it’s okay for him to confess to his own uptightness around his daughter as long as the moral of the story is that that’s kind of his problem and she is going to grow up and be a complete person and all he can really hope to do is be as good of an influence as he knows how.

That moral is a lot more clear in the video than it is in the song though… and I still don’t like how he puts her out there for the box of condoms tweet.  Any seventeen-year-old boy who posted a photo of his Trojans would be praised on one hand for the implication of sexual activity, and on the other for responsibility and safety.  The narrative how he places it in the song is just like “yuppp so this happened… imagine how embarrassing that was for me.”

She’s as old as he was when he appeared on the Main Source record.

I mean she appears at the end… maybe she doesn’t hate the song.  Maybe she finds it touching?  It kind of makes her look like a bad-ass.  He should have hired her to direct it.  Maybe Destiny Jones will put out a single called “Fathers” some day with a response or two.

I don’t know, I don’t hate this joint but it irks me, you know?

Hey everyone, I made you a internet mixtape of all the hip-hop I’m listening to these days!  I called it “New Pavement #1.”

I wrote little notes about every song, so make certain to read along!

New Pavement #1 features tracks by Mantrakid x Missy Elliott, House Shoes x Danny Brown, Rob Crooks, Cakes the Killer, Serengeti, kydd, Wordburglar & Garthim Master, Big Baby Gandhi & Fat Tony, Cocaine 80s & Nas, Slum Village, Naughty By Nature & Du-It All, Modulok & D-Sisive, Killer Mike with El-P, and Noah23.


“The Don” Video!!!! #TheDonVideo

I feel neutral about this opulent video, but I love the beat (I am probably always going to like a Super Cat sample, and chopping it like that was clever, and Heavy D was my hero).

So so far Life Is Good has given us “Nasty” which is one of Nas’s top 5 jams ever if you let the beat count equal to his rhymes, “The Don” which bangs but isn’t going to be our favourite shit next year, and “Daughters” which is on some real tender chauvinism shit and I don’t like it.  I guess that’s shaping up to be another God’s Son, right?  ”Made You Look,” “Get Down,” and “I Know I Can,” in that order.

Still worth feeling excitement for, then, right?


Good look for K’Naan getting Nas on this track, they both sound like they’re having fun with words and it’s good except for the sappy/poppy hook (smart hip-hop is DRIPPING with those lately, eh?), but it’s kind of tiresome listening to … well, how did El-P put it four years ago?

Everybody’s afraid to say that it just sucks
To watch talented motherfuckers pretending they sell drugs

To their credit they aren’t pretending they do NOW, but they’re pretending they DID, and like… they didn’t just come out of nowhere, swathed in mystery.  We all know better.  C’mon guys!