Qu'est-ce Que J D?

I like the desperation in their voices - the same rhymes could have been delivered with way less urgency and it would have been a pretty dull track.  Pusha has developed this whole new way of presenting himself since signing with GOOD Music, trading the Mobb-like icy chill of The Clipse for something really whipped up near a frenzy.  The wordplay remains intact, though.

I like the Ghostface sample for the hook, and little flourishes like the classic “hey!” sample where there’s a pause in his verse.  Kanye is on some ripped-from-the-headlines-of-E! shit rhymewise which is not my favourite mode for him to be in, plus I don’t enjoy a reference to traumatizing sexual events in childhood as a flippant simile… but once again, the delivery is so on point here.

I just had a moment of personal irony where I was thinking those drums were from “Good Ole Music” by Funkadelic, and I was gonna be like “pfft come on, it’s cool to keep classic breaks alive but can we get a chop or something? those joints are musty!” and then I realized oh wait that’s “Synthetic Substitution…” Fester used those drums just as straightforwardly on the “Righteous Bad Ass” remix on Inter Alia.  So I guess I approve of their use still, haha.