Qu'est-ce Que J D?
"Any ladies in Nerdcore I should know about?"


The Adam Warrock/Tribe One/Mikal kHill/Jesse Dangerously show was awesome tonight. I’m such a Nerdcore newb, but now I have three new artists to listen to! Also, I appreciate Adam for opening the show with ‘Waka Flocka Swanson’ and calling Mikal “The Human Disaster.” Because Parks and Rec. Also, Jesse Dangerously complimented my hugs.

Also, are there any ladies in Nerdcore I should know about? Because I have priorities.

The scene that calls itself nerdcore is kind of a bro show.  In terms of active artists, releasing music, these days I think it’s pretty much down to Nursehella?  And her tracks come about once in a blue-haired moon, for that matter… here’s a song that Nolely and I had her on last year (um two years ago? oops), and it’s linked to her Soundcloud which has other joints of hers:

Nolely Nole Feat Jesse Dangerously & Nursehella - Oulala by nursehella

I know there’s a lady crew in Orlando called Slice Of Life, and I actually played a show with them this year except I got to the venue AFTER THEY PERFORMED because LOGISTICS AM I RIGHT.  They were fun to eat sandwiches with after, though.

There’s a trio in Virginia Beach called Nerdlucks and one of their members is a young woman and I know that because we played the Chesapeake show with them on the tour you just saw!

There used to be MC Router, but she kind of disappeared?  She was punk as fuck and had an amazing voice.

I’m not the most up-to-date on what happens under the penumbra of “nerdcore” on the internet; mostly I know artists I play shows with and who release records that uh people tell me about.  So I could be missing a rich vein of performers but like… my feeling is that the scene is extremely dude-heavy.  Like um, all scenes?  But I’d love to see that shift and I am trying to figure out how I can contribute to it.

Oh but in the meanwhile, if you’re looking for women who rap that you might like if you like the artists on our tour?  Forget the “nerdcore” label!  Go listen to Eternia, Dessa, Invincible, Angel Haze, TECLA, Bahamadia, 10ille, Azealia Banks, Kitty Pryde, Nilla, T-Love, Jean Grae, Apani B, and all their friends)

Treat Yourself!

I’m sorry that I’m not too cool to be SUPER PSYCHED that I just served Aziz Ansari and got his order wrong and he was cool about it and he was cool when his US debit card was too exotic to be recognized by our Canadian technology.

I didn’t know he was in town and I’ve never seen him in person so I played it cool in part so as to not bother him, and in part because if he was just some guy who looked a lot like Aziz Ansari and had the same haircut and wore sunglasses everywhere he goes he wouldn’t appreciate my error.

But he IS in town, playing a show a few blocks from here, and I feel like I was just in the “Otis” video a tiny bit.

Okay I shouldn’t write this from at work. LATER.

Put Ron Swanson on Burn Notice, and it’s instantly the best thing on TV. That formula also works with any show: put Ron Swanson on The View, it becomes The Wire.