Qu'est-ce Que J D?
My partner and I are sitting here bobbing our heads in unison to your music lol. I live in Toronto and I liked your fb page so that I can find out about your next show here :-)

Oh, amazing!  I play in Toronto all the time - my next show there will be at “Nerd Noise Night” on August 25th at El Mocambo!

People keep saying it will sell out?  Not because of me, because of nerds.  Here is the info though: http://nerdnoisenight.tumblr.com/

Hope you get a chance to come say hi!!

Safety Not Guaranteed

sunshinebutterflies replied to your post: Films

Hai! Based on your love of Jeff Who Lives At Home and Moonrise Kingdom (both of which were amazing btw) I think you should watch Safety Not Guaranteed next. I saw it last week and it’s super cute :-)

Looking at it on IMDB, I only recognize Aubrey Plaza and the newly ubiquitous Mark Duplass in the cast, but it surely piques my interest.  Now I’m dismayed that if it already played near me I missed it, or if it’s coming up it won’t be soon… whyyyy!